Details about services, prayer in church and funerals

Churches are now permitted to continue with public worship, and we are continuing with all our usual services; this includes: Sunday 10.30am Mass, Wednesday 10am Mass, Friday 1pm Mass.  We are stilll advising that a face covering should be worn when moving aroudn the buildings or when singing, but if you wish to remove it whilst seated, you may do so. There is 2m (6 feet)  distance between all the allocated places in church.   We are now serving refreshments in the church hall after the Sunday service.

Funerals, weddings and christenings are now fully permitted in church.  For more details please contact your funeral director, or the vicar, Father Barrie.  Weddings and baptisms are now permitted, with some national restrictions on numbers attending.  If you are concerned about any of this, please contact us here or by telephone 0121 356 7998

We will update this with further details on a regular basis.  (Last udpate:Thursday 19th August 2021)