A homily for Pentecost

Today is Pentecost Sunday: The Church’s birthday. The day when Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples.

Usually we would be in church celebrating this day with uplifting scripture readings, lovely pictures of flames of fire and doves to represent the Holy Spirit, and lively music and hymns to sing along to.

But this year we are in lockdown in our homes - and rightly so - to keep people safe until the fear of passing on the virus is gone.

For the disciples in our gospel today they too were locked in because they  were living in  fear of the Jews and Jesus came and stood among them and said PEACE BE WITH YOU.

One of the symbols of the Holy Spirit is the dove, it is a symbol of peace.

At this time many people are searching for peace in their lives. Life has been turned upside down and there has been an increase in anxiety because fear has gripped us.

But Jesus is the same now as he was when he appeared to his disciples in the Scriptures. He offers us peace in these unprecedented times.

One way we can know peace is to find a place to be still. To quieten our minds and hearts in order to allow the Holy Spirit to calm our fears.

Take time to reflect on the words in today's Scripture reading  and think of Jesus standing with yo and your loved ones in lockdown and saying to you PEACE BE WITH YOU.

Or maybe you might like to make a paper dove to remember a departed loved one and place it next to a candle or flower to remind you the Holy Spirit speaks peace to you at this difficult time.

While we wait for the days when we will be able to move about again in freedom, let us know that the Holy Spirit brings hope, strength, comfort, love, joy and gently whispers PEACE.