Fr Barrie's Easter reflection

Alleluia!  Christ is risen.  He is risen indeed.  Alleluia!

You might remember that on the Sunday just before Lent, we buried the word “Alleluia” under the Lady Chapel altar.  A word which remains buried, unused and unspoken until Easter morning.  Reminding us of the penitential and sacrificial nature of Lent… and the relative absence of rejoicing.  And yet, every Sunday in Lent still marks the day of resurrection.  So the rejoicing is never completely absent, even during Lent.

Today we exhume the word Alleluia from beneath the altar, and we proclaim it joyously.  Joyful proclamation is easy when things are joyous and going well.   It is more tricky when things are difficult! 

In some ways, giving up things in Lent has been made easier this year, in that we have had to give up so much.  But this does not mean that Easter should be any less about rejoicing in the resurrection, and the promise of eternal life that it brings to all believers.  And it certainly does not mean that we should extend Lent, or even the feeling and flavour of Lent, that we might now associate with the last few weeks.

So, take out your Alleluias, and let them fill your hearts with joy.  Just as the joy of Christ fills our hearts on Easter Day, and every day.    And on those days where you feel that rejoicing is tricky… just think of the period of Lent, when our rejoicing is absent, as symbolised through the hidden Alleluia.  And then remember that Lent eventually comes to and end with Easter, resurrection and rejoicing.  All things shall pass.  All things shall come to an end.  And there shall be a new beginning.  Alleluia!  Though the night may be dark, joy will triumph in the light of the sunrise.  The light of the Son-rise.  Alleluia!  Christ is risen.  He is risen indeed.  Alleluia!