Individual Private Prayer in church

St John the Evangelist Perry Barr

Arrangements for

Individual Private Prayer in Church -  not available during Tier 5 (stay at home) restrictions

St John’s Church is not available for individual private  during Tier 5 restrictions.  Please contact us if you would like a candle lit in church on your behalf.

The guidance below is only in operation during Tier 3 or lower restrictions:

  1. Only one person (or one family group*) should be in church for private prayer at any one time
  2. Private prayer must be booked by telephone or email in advance, and will be confirmed by Fr Barrie or Michael Taylor
  3. Private prayer takes place in the Lady Chapel only. Please use only the front pew of the Lady Chapel, or kneel at the altar rail (this is to enable efficient cleaning after each visit)
  4. Candles may be lit (the candle-lighter is sanitised in between each visit)
  5. Any areas and surfaces that have been touched will be cleaned in between each individual’s visit
  6. Please walk down the aisle without touching any pews on the way to the Lady Chapel.  Doors will be open already, so you should not need to touch them.
  7. Please sanitise your hands on the way in and on the way out of church.
  8. Please do not leave anything (e.g. tissues) in church.  Take these home for disposal.
  9. The Church Centre is not open; therefore toilets are not available.
  10. Individual prayer slots are timed at 30 minutes each.  If you feel you will need longer, please let us know at the time of booking.  If you overlap with another individual, please maintain strict social distancing.  (Try not to arrive earlier than your allotted time slot to avoid this)


* Family group is defined as a group of people who permanently live together in the same house




Can I turn up to pray at any time during the stated times?

No.  You must book a specific time slot, and arrive at the time which has been arranged.  Do not arrive too early in case you overlap with a previous individual.  Slots will be on the hour or half-hour.

Can I use the Bible or prayer books in church to help me pray?

No.  During the pandemic we have been told that books and Bibles should not be used, to avoid any cross-contamination.  If you want to use a Bible or prayer book, please bring your own.

Can I use the toilets in the church centre?

No.  The church centre is closed.

Can I bring flowers or a photo to leave in the Lady Chapel?

No.   We are not able to have anything left in church in order to maintain hygiene between visits.  However you may bring flowers to leave in the church yard.

How do I book a prayer slot?

By telephoning Michael Taylor on 07710 445009 or emailing/calling Fr Barrie on or 0121 356 7998

Will I definitely get the time I ask for?

You will get the time you request, unless someone has already booked in for that slot.  Fr Barrie or Michael will confirm the time slot with you, probably within a few minutes.

Will I definitely be safe from Covid-19 in church?

No.  We cannot guarantee complete safety from the virus, and you should take responsibility for washing your hands before and after the visit.  If you are shielding or self-isolating, or if you feel unwell, you must not come to church to pray.  Prayer also works at home!