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Thursday 30th May  7.30pm Ascension

277  Hail the day that sees Him rise

337  I the Lord of sea and sky

453  Lord enthroned

684  Sweet Sacrament divine

103  Christ triumphant

2nd June

Easter 7

14 All Hail the power

774  Thy kingdom come O God

150 Crown Him with many crowns

350 Immortal love

652 Seek ye first

677 Stand up for Jesus (trad. Words)

9th June  Pentecost

20 All over the world

268  Gracious spirit

120  Come down O love divine

580  O thou who camest

62 Be still for the presence

732 The Spirit lives

16th June  Trinity

310 Holy Holy Holy

767  Thou whose almighty word

507 Meekness and majesty

177 Father we love you

647  Sanctus Sanctus

40 Angel voices

23rd June Trinity 1

422  Lead us Heavenly Father

498  Majesty

556  O Jesus I have promised

521 My song is love unknown

328 I come with joy

34 Amazing Grace


30th June

Service at St Giles Sheldon for Rev Mandy Harris’s first presiding at Holy Communion

30th June 6pm

Said service of Holy Communion at St John’s

7th July  Trinity 3

822  When morning gilds the skies

152 Dear Lord and Father

338 I watch the sunrise

687  Take my life

800  We love the place

These are the days of Elijah

14th July  Trinity 4/ Sea Sunday

835  Will your anchor hold

344  If you believe

327  I cannot tell

67  Beauty for brokenness

413 Just as I am

160  Eternal Father strong to save

21st July Mary Magdalene

541  O for a thousand

43  As the deer pants

424  Let all mortal flesh

364  it is a thing

401  Jesus stand among us

359 In the garden Mary lingers

28th July   Trinity 6  P13

355  In heavenly love abiding

73  Bind us together


583 O worship the Lord in the beauty

499  Make me a channel

62 Be still for the presence

479  Lord the light


28th  July  Stillness Service


4 August    Trinity 7


766  Thou didst leave thy throne

186 Firmly I believe

52  At the name of Jesus

157 Draw nigh and take

652  Seek ye first

114  Colours of day

11 August Trinity 8 P15

840  ye holy angels bright

743 There is a Redeemer

67 Beauty for brokenness

580  O thou who camest

62 be still for

585  Oft in danger oft in woe

18 August  Blessed Virgin Mary 

549  O God you search me

24 All that I am

Immaculate Mary (sheet)

338  I watch the sunrise


329  I danced in the morning

25 August Trinity 10 P17

623  Praise my soul

819  When I needed a neighbour

772  Thy hand O God

681  Such love

337 I the Lord of sea

275  Guide me O

25 August  6pm  BCP Evensong / Benediction

With the St Eligius Singers

1 September


582 O Worship the King

27  All who would valiant be

556 O Jesus I have promised

715 The King of Love

338 I watch the sunrise

479  Lord the light of your love is shining

8 September

Birth of BVM

666  Sing we of the blessed mother

194  For Mary mother of the Lord

845  Ye who own the faith of Jesus

784  Virgin born

463  Lord Jesus Christ

692  Tell out my soul

15 September

Holy Cross

437  Lift high the cross (omit * verses)

820  When I survey

72 Beneath the cross (Tune Aurelia -irr.)

587  On a hill far away

103 Christ Triumphant

22 September

Trinity 13  P21

687   Take my life

27  All who would valiant be

36  And can it be

34 Amazing grace

73  Bind us together

595  One more step

29 September

St Michael

40 Angel voices

260  God whose farm (Tune 11)

491  Love divine (Blaenwern)

91  brother sister

593  once only once

840 Ye holy angels bright

29 September 6pm

Angels Service

6 October   Harvest Festival

144  Come ye thankful

196  For the days

435  Let us with a gladsome mind

24  All that I am

252  God of the Passover

801  We plough the fields

13 October

Trinity 16   p24

499  Make me a channel of your peace

422  Lead us heavenly Father

195  For the beauty of the earth

237  God forgave my sin

643  Rock of ages

273  Great is thy faithfulness

20 October   Trinity 17    P25

510  Morning has broken

181  Fight the good fight

454  Lord for the years

681  Such love

769  Through all the

541  O for a thousand

27 October  All Souls Requiem Mass

369  Jesu Lover of my soul

According to Thy gracious word (sheet)

Jerusalem the golden (sheet)

Motet  (choir)

338  I watch the sunrise

751  Thine be the glory

27 October 4.30pm

All Souls Service

Separate service sheet

3  November

All Saints

259  God whose city’s

(T. Westminster Abbey)

844 Ye watchers and Ye holy ones

190  For all the Saints

549  O God you search me

79  Blest are the pure

581 O when the saints

10 November

Remembrance Sunday

547 O God our help

160  Eternal Father strong to save

21 All people that on earth do dwell

499  Make me a channel

63 Be still my soul

770  Through the night of doubt and sorrow  T. Marching (169)

17 November   2 before Advent

349  immortal invisible

393  Jesus’ love is very wonderful

766  Thou didst leave thy throne

350  Immortal love

684  Sweet Sacrament

732  The Spirit lives to set us free

24 November   Christ the King

453 Lord enthroned

205  From heav’n you came

563  How great thou art

507 Meekness and Majesty

338  I watch the sunrise

103  Christ triumphant

1 December  Advent Sunday

307  Hills of the north

140  Come thou long-expected Jesus

535  O come o come Emanuel

177  Father we love you

699  The advent of our King

449  Lo he comes

1 December 6pm

Advent Carols…





8 December

Advent 2

280  Hail to the Lord’s anointed

589  on Jordan’s bank

246 God is working his purpose out

722  The Lord will come

549  O god your search me

These are the days of Elijah

15 December

Advent 3

114  Colours of day

286  Hark a herald voice

327  I cannot tell

463  Lord Jesus Christ

681  Such love

766 Thou didst leave thy throne

22 December

Advent 4 & Nativity

535 O come O come Emmanuel

288  Hark the glad sound

449  Lo he comes

832  Who would think

194  For Mary mother

559  O little town of Bethlehem

24 December 11.30pm

Midnight Mass

363  It came upon the midnight clear

559  O little town of Bethlehem

534  O come all ye faithful

658  Silent night

357 In the bleak

289  Hark! The herald

25 December

Christmas Day


O come all ye faithful

592  Once in royal

705  The first nowell

59  Away in a manger

117 Come and join

782 Unto us a boy is born